It’s essential to be aware of critical modern wedding reception ideas, do’s and don’ts, whether you want to work with a planner or do it yourself. I can vouch for the fact that I’ve attended weddings when the theme was off, the colours and flowers clashed, or the decor just didn’t seem to fit.

Based on the recent ceremonies I’ve attended, this is my wise decoration advice:

DON’T make it too messy.

It’s crucial to exercise restraint when making the initial arrangements for your wedding ceremony decorations. You’re thrilled because you recently got engaged, and you should be! However, the most productive way to approach this wedding is to unwind and organize a delightful event that YOU would enjoy attending.

It’s always a good idea to start off with a ceremony on a relaxed note rather than trying to cram too many design ideas into one theme. The decor may get cluttered if there are too many trinkets. Instead, use statement pieces like your centrepieces to make a statement about the wedding’s theme, as well as colours, your meal, and the music you select for the ceremony and reception.

For convenience all around, seek the help of a wedding decorator.

DO think about the lighting.

Whether you’re indoors or outside, lighting will affect your decorations, wedding banquet flowers, clothes, photos, and just much anything else you can think of.

Lighting the dance floor, the reception’s entertainment, and then the tables should come first. You might also want to think about the room’s boundaries and the cake table. Consider the most outstanding photo opportunities if the wedding will be held outside. Shadows can produce some unique effects for your photographer in the late afternoon or right before sunset.

DON’T go overboard with the flowers.

There is a delicate line between stylish and gaudy with blossoms since I’ve attended many weddings. A ceremony with too many decorations may cause attendees to miss the processional and wedding. A wedding ceremony is what you’re decorating; a garden is not what you’re trying to recreate.

Because of their potent aromas, some varieties of flowers, such as lilies and hyacinths, might overwhelm the flavour of the cuisine during the reception. Make sure to show your florist around the venue for the ceremony and the reception to prevent issues. He or she ought to be aware of the arrangements that will go well with the locations you’ve selected.

DO be original

Less stodgy conventions and more unconventional, creative activities are what today’s brides and grooms value most. Set a relaxed mood for your wedding by utilizing all lowercase letters, bold text, or a unique font on your stationery and invitations.

At the reception, mix and match tables with round and square shapes. Use several seats (who says they all need to look alike?). If you want, put on a blush wedding gown; if it doesn’t precisely match the décor, don’t worry about it. If you and your fiancé don’t like cake, serve craft beer and pizza at the reception instead, or your and his favourite pie.

Do whatever your fiance and you both feel symbolize you two and, ultimately, what brings you both joy. It’s your day, after all!