What are the different kinds of golf trolleys?

There are three major sorts of golf trolley offered to purchase: pull trolleys, push trolleys, as well as electric trolleys, as well as each of these featured its very own pros and cons. Our golf experts discuss the differences between them:

Pull as well as push trolleys 

As per the name, pull and push trolleys are hand-powered, the push trolleys are being pushed, as well as pull trolleys are being pulled. The primary difference between the two is in the wheels, as a typical pull trolley has two wheels, whereas press trolleys consist of an additional wheel to allow them to be pushed easily. That being stated, some brands also supply four-wheeled choices. Nonetheless, the function of both kinds of the trolley is the same: to bring the weight of your golf bag so you don’t need to carry them yourself.

Electric trolleys

Electric golf trolley uses a battery to power them around the golf course to decrease the pressure of lugging your golf bag or pulling/pushing a hands-on trolley. They can be managed using a push-button control or speed dial setting that enables the trolley to follow the golf enthusiast as they walk, thus conserving all-important power for swinging rather. Regardless of being the pricier alternative on the market, in the long run, it will be a superb investment as well as will allow you to focus on the game handy.

Electric trolleys are advised if your course is specifically uneven or has a variety of fairways, making it more challenging to carry or pull/push your trolley around. Electric alternatives are far simpler to utilize than pull or press trolleys as all the work is done by the battery, rather than your body.

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