What Are The Most Common Mistakes When Editing A Photo?

Many photographers, especially less experienced photographers, make very common mistakes when editing a photo.

Driven by the desire to want something colorful and extraordinary, they end up retouching some parameters too much, which can cause a feeling of unreality when seeing the photo. Below, we will see the most common mistakes when editing a photo.

  • Over-Modify Clarity

Although greater clarity may seem to bring a more marked character to the image and a greater personality, abusing clarity is a common mistake when editing a photo. Raising the clarity helps to enhance the mid-tones, but the ideal thing is to apply clarity with the brush only in those mid tones that we want to enhance.

For example, when portraying a person, the ideal is to highlight the clarity only of his face, leaving the background untouched.

  • Excess Vignetting

Another common mistake when editing a photo is abusing vignetting. Its use, in its fair measure is interesting, but in excess, it will give an unnatural and unprofessional result.

As a general rule, you have to be very careful with the use of effects and filters, since they can attract much more attention than the photograph itself.

  • Excess Saturation Resulting In Unreal Colors

This is another important point, because excess saturation can make us fully load a photograph. Like vignetting, if we want to avoid that feeling of unreality and artificiality in colors, we must apply saturation in its proper measure, and brighten or intensify colors only if necessary.

Many blogs use photographs with high saturation thinking that the more color, the more beautiful and attractive the images will be, but this is not the case, since excess saturation can even be annoying to the eye. Visit

  • Artificial Contrasts

The contrast in photography is very attractive, as long as we use it naturally. That is, if there are fewer colors in our capture, the contrast will be more intense and effective.

If we exceed the contrast, you will lose information in many areas of the photography, especially if you do not work with the appropriate format.