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Motorized curtain

Motorized curtain

The world is progressing day by day. Now we don’t need to waste time and do all the work by hand. This is the time of technology and smartly you save your time. Now women not only take care of the home she also knows how to earn money and the man is not only doing his office work he also knows how to cook the food they learn all these things with a single click through Multimedia it’s a major example is a motorized curtain.

What are motorized curtains?

These curtains are also known as smart curtain, it allows people to open and shut the curtains by touching a button from the remote control, these curtains help you a lot think you are in an office but suddenly rain starts what you will do, you will be worried about the home that it becomes wet and muddy. Now you don’t need to take tension, just push a button, and set your curtain wherever you are located how simple and interesting it is.

How does a motorized curtain work?

A motorized curtain is operated with a remote control which has buttons on and off, speed, and numbering are also mentioned on it. You can easily choose its speed according to your mood and can easily shut or open the curtain while you enjoy watching a movie.

Is it possible to automate the previous curtains?

Yes of course automatic curtain technology allows you to install a device on your curtain to make it automatic, but you need to remember that it allows 11 m wide curtains which can be easily wrapped around corners and slows down on closure, it gives an aesthetic look to your interior. These curtains can make a huge difference from other ordinary curtains. It provides you comfort with convenience and can easily control light deficiency of energy and maintain the privacy of your home.

 Do you think these curtains can save electricity?

This question always arises in our mind, and we become tense but no need to worry because your window covering curtains are helpful to exhaust unnecessary heat from your room especially in the summer season by blocking lights and sun heat, this procedure is helpful for you to save electricity nearly 25 percent.

Is it possible to install a curtain track on the ceiling?

Yes, it is possible, if you want to mount the track on the ceiling then you should take a pencil and mark a point at the end of the track position again draw a line between these two points and carefully check if is it parallel to the window with the wall mounting at least 15 cm should be added on each side of the window to stack back.

What should be the thickness of the curtain track?

The depth of track is around about 1 to 28mm, if you have 28 mm space for your track then it’s a good option for the setting of your home or room where you install each option can offer you different properties.

What is the major purpose of choosing motorized curtains?

There are so many reasons to select these draperies or curtains, some of them are listed below.

Control extra light and harsh weather.

It gives you a cozy temperature in winter.

It reduces human effort.

Make your home environment relaxed and pollution free.

Reduces the aspects of light and noise.