Protect Your Drivers With Professional Roadside Service

Running a trucking company means working in a dynamic environment where you get to solve new problems every day, while helping to provide the backbone infrastructure needed by other industries. It also means you need to have a good head for risk management, and not just the management of your own risks, either. You need processes and access to the right support services to make sure every driver knows who to call for every type of emergency, from mechanical breakdowns to injuries on the road and insurance claims related to collisions. Providing a robust support plan that allows everyone to move forward when the unexpected strikes usually also means saving some money on your other risk management tools, like insurance and professional bonds.

Roadside Assistance in Every State

One of the most important resources to give your workers is access to 24 hour truck service from a national service provider. Working with a network that gives you a single point of contact no matter where you are means getting help faster, without overpaying for it. How does that work? Well, when you call the contact number, your service reaches out to whichever of their affiliates is working in your area. They communicate the level of urgency and tools required for the job, so your drivers can count on getting the right help right away. Even if you’re not operating nationally yet, a national service is a good buy for regional companies because it guarantees you are covered now and when you’re ready to add new areas to your territory.

Streamline Billing and Contain Costs

On top of the peace of mind it provides your drivers, a roadside assistance contract also helps limit your costs. Frequently, contracts restrict the cost of services to a known amount, which prevents the problem of accidentally calling the more expensive option when a driver needs help in an unfamiliar area. Typically, these contracts also provide some coverage for services as part of the base cost of the contract. This also streamlines any repair you need done by putting you in touch with the local professionals who are likely to know where the nearest commercial garages are when you need to repair a truck before it goes back on the road.

Eliminating confusion speeds up the process of getting your truck back on the road and it also makes communication about a replacement rig to take the trailer a lot easier, when they’re necessary. Learn more by talking with a national service provider about programs and costs.