The Significance Of Gold Jewellery In Different Cultures

Jewellery has always been around throughout human history. There are jewellery pieces dating as far back as 90,000 years and more. Different cultures used jewellery fashioned from a variety of metals and materials to represent various beliefs and affiliations. Most of the cultural symbolism has remained intact throughout millennia. Gold is the most widely used metal to make jewellery. Throughout history, it pretty much represented the same things across different cultures. The common purposes of gold in jewelry include:

Currency: At different points in history, jewellery served as currency. People traded their gold jewellery for whatever goods they needed. 

Wealth Security: Gold jewelry gives its owner financial security. Even today, Brisbane gold brokers and elsewhere pay good money in exchange for used gold jewellery. 

Status Symbol: In some cultures, Jewellery represents the person’s status in society. In the past, only wealthy people owned elaborate gold jewellery. That is still largely the same, gold jewellery varies. You can get the usual retail gold jewellery or luxury branded jewellery that is more expensive and can only be afforded by people with money and status. 

Religion: Many jewelry pieces have some religious purpose.  They could represent a certain position occupied by a specific person in their religious organization. In some cases, gold necklaces are used to commemorate a religious milestone, for instance, first communion, a new baptism, etc. Sometimes, the simplest gold cross can carry symbols with a specific meaning. In India, gold is an integral part of the culture. Gold jewellery is used in temple rites as decoration for shrines. This would consist of heavy necklaces, earrings, rings, and toe rings. Similar jewellery is made for temple dancers.

Functional Elements:  Throughout history, numerous gold jewellery pieces would serve a specific functional purpose whilst incorporating a fashionable or decorative element. For instance, a brooch can be used as a fastener as well as a fashionable adornment to an outfit. 

Fashion Trends:  Most people use jewellery as a fashionable accessory. They select pieces according to what fashion trends dictate.  As trends come and go, sometimes this jewellery sits unused at the bottom of some drawer. If you have jewellery like that, that is out of fashion and you would like to update your jewellery game, sell your old gold jewellery to Brisbane gold brokers and get cash to update your style.

Relationships:  The most popular use of fashion is used to signify relationship status. People give their girlfriends engagement rings to signify their intention to take a relationship to the next level. Wedding bands signify that two people have entered into a marriage. In Chinese culture, for instance, gold plays an important role. In addition to having it threaded on the bridal gown, a bride also wears a gold crown which signifies good health and happiness. Guests also give the bride with gold jewellery which is meant to bring good luck.  Indian Brides have to wear at least 16 pieces of gold jewellery all over their bodies. Gold bangles are particularly important and are worn in equal numbers on the left and right arms to bring good fortune. 

What does your own jewellery signify? Its significance to you should determine the amount of effort you put into finding the best gold buyer who will give you what is fair for your precious jewellery.