Unknown facts about French bulldogs that makes them a unique breed

One of the popular breeds of dog that one can find is a Frenchie dog. These dogs are small little creatures requiring excessive pampering and care. Besides the little stature, most of the people are not aware of some of the crazy facts about this dog. In this article, few amazing things have been briefed out which most of you may not have known till now.

  • French bulldogs are English dogs– Though the name suggests that frenchie dogs are French dogs, but their origin is in England. The dog became highly famous among the French elites and later on, the Americans made it even more popular by breeding them. Very soon it became a popular international breed. So one shouldn’t confuse the name with their actual origin.
  • These dogs cannot swim– Dogs are in born swimmers but this is not in case with French Bulldogs. This breed has very unique body shape- short back legs, short skull, broad chest and a big head. Because of all this reasons, a frenchie cannot swim. Also, these dogs are best known as brachycephalic dogs and they have short nostrils. Just like you need to buy Black Frenchie Shirt during summers and winters, in the same way you need to carry vest and swimming jackets if you are taking your dog out near water.
  • They cannot travel in flights– Brachy dogs suffer from respiratory problems and they face difficulties because of a serious health condition known as BOAS. They cannot breathe at higher heights so it will be a good idea to keep your dog in a dog crate or you can leave him with your neighbor. Do not carry your dog that requires you to take flights for travelling.
  • Intelligent and brave dogs– As we say- ‘Do not underestimate the power of a small thing’ is right applicable for frenchies. They might be short and small but they are extremely clever and brave. They are intelligent and therefore it is easier to train them. They are extremely sensitive and suffer from separation anxiety. This is one of the reasons why the owner needs to have a compassionate and friendly bonding with their dogs.

Frenchie bulldogs need lots of care and attention during summers and winters. It is important to have proper clothes like Frenchie bulldog shirt, pajamas, coats, jackets, water bottles and other things. A French bulldog needs to be taken care in the same way you take care of a kid.