Gift Baskets That Distract Kids So Mom and Dad Can Relax

Sometimes people need a break, even if they can’t get outdoors. Parents, particularly, struggle to find that 30 minutes of “me” time in a busy world with activities, homework, and responsibilities. If you have a friend or relative struggling to get a bit of peace, you may be able to help by providing them with a gift basket. These baskets, though, are not created for munching on snacks and downing a glass of wine. They are packages designed to entertain the children for at least 30 minutes while mom and dad chill in a chair and breathe. The following are three baskets to put together.

  • Playtime Outdoors

Kids who are occupied are out of mom and dad’s hair. Find some items that don’t require piecing things together or batteries. In fact, look for something that is overly simple, permitting kiddos to play in the yard for hours. That buys time and wears them out for an early bedtime. That’s a huge win-win. Stock it with things like a bubble machine, lots of bubbles, chalk, a ball, and jump rope. Toy guns with soft bullets are also a nice touch; make sure the rule is they cannot target mom or dad. Also, pack some sunscreen and natural bug bite relief so that parents won’t worry about the excess exposure to outside.

  • Craft Time Is Creative Time

There is one rule here, and it is imperative. Do not buy glitter! It is a pain to clean and is truly annoying to parental figures. Anything else encourages inventiveness without headaches. Walkthrough a craft aisle. Grab anything of interest, such as pipe cleaners, stickers, and fuzzy pompoms. Felt, cloth, and construction paper permit the mind to experience a new world. Parents can set it out and let them go to town.

If you want to make it even easier on the parents, create some task challenge cards. Can they use the material to make monsters? What about designing something useful for around the house.

  • Movie Night in a Box

Okay, screen time isn’t always loved, but it can be a solid break. Bring over a bag full of some kid-appropriate films or cartoons. Snacks are also welcome. Just be sure it fits with the home’s approved foods. Some parents are okay with candy and popcorn. Others may prefer a special bag of pretzels or some chocolate-covered fruit. Mom and dad might even cuddle up under the blanket, too, taking in some relaxation and cuddles with the kids.

Babysitters are great, but they cost money. Give a break by making a box that entertains and distracts. It is sure to be appreciated.