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Hiring COVID House Cleaning Services For A Tourist Apartment

When you have a tourist apartment, it is necessary to have updated hygiene, cleaning, and disinfection protocols, taking extreme precautions for both the people who work there and the guests. The COVID 19 cleaning protocol in tourist apartments includes these steps:

The Security Protocol

As soon as the clients or guests leave the apartment, the landlord should hire good House Cleaning Services Long Beach located. Prior to leaving and during their stay, the guests must enter through all the security protocols, including gloves, masks, and the entire apartment must be allowed to ventilate for at least one hour before starting the complete cleaning process. Personal textiles, if any, such as towels and bedding are removed. These must be washed with hot water at 60°, with liquid or powdered soap for clothes, letting it dry in the open air and ironing them, and then they are stored in resealable bags, to be used for the next rental.

Effective Cleaning

To clean effectively, you can use different professional products or make a mixture at a rate of 100% water, 20% vinegar, 10% bicarbonate, and 10% disinfectant liquid soap. Clean all the apartment switches, buttons, doorbells, hangers, doorknobs, the walls and ceilings of the bathrooms, faucets, and all the elements with which the tenants have had contact. Finally, it should be finished with a spray disinfectant applied to the entire place.

Measures Taken

If in any of the tourist rental apartments, a case of COVID-19 is present, it must be communicated so that the people who are there can have the corresponding security measures and then, a specialized company must be called in cleaning for these cases. In addition to thorough cleaning, you must comply with anti-Covid measures and recommendations. The government has developed a series of measures to reduce contagion in this area.

Some of these measures are:

  • Modification of the furniture to give more space and allow an adequate distance
  • Facilitate and expand access to disinfection systems: such as hydro-alcoholic gel, disinfectant wet wipes, and others
  • More frequency and depth in the disinfection of the facilities
  • Reduce or limit capacity in common areas: gyms, swimming pools, playground, and rest areas
  • Offer more information and signaling of prevention measures
  • Special cleaning of more areas such as doorknobs, windows, and taps

Choose a company that specializes in cleaning services, is updated in relation to the anti-Covid protocols to sanitize the vacated area quickly.

Ozone Disinfection of the Apartment

The ozone disinfection is highly effective, not only in the fight against COVID, but also against other bacteria, and serves as an ideal complement to a thorough cleaning of the apartment, leaving it completely safe and ready to use again, after it has been vacated.