Learning What Not To Heat In the Microwave

When using a microwave to heat food (การ ใช้ ไมโครเวฟ อุ่น อาหาร, which is the term in Thai)  remember that certain things are strictly prohibited from entering your oven; for instance, particular foods, containers, and liquids. While you might be relying on the ‘microwave safe’ label and are used to taking it seriously, they are not never convincing enough, given how the manufacturers never consider testing their products to check their suitability with a microwave. 

Keep the following things away from the microwave to prevent fire and chemical reactions.

Hard-Boiled Eggs Arent Microwave Friendly

While the internet might suggest you boil eggs in the microwave, never make the mistake of attempting at it because the heat forming inside the microwave produces steam inside the egg, which fails to move out, resulting in an explosion. To avoid the mess and burning your fingers, it is always worthwhile to use the stove when cooking the eggs.

Stop Defrosting The Meat

We always tend to defrost the frozen meat in the microwave, when we get the urge to cook meat spontaneously. While you might be able to quickly cook the thin edge of the meat inside the oven, it is not possible to cook the thicker middle, considering how it will be frozen despite being heated. Always prefer defrosting the meat overnight inside the refrigerator.

Breast Milk Is Never Recommended For Microwave-Heating

Doctors never recommend heating your breast mink inside the microwave. This is because the microwave leads to hot spots through its uneven warming and this can lead to scalding in your baby. When you heat the breast milk in the microwave, the immune-boosting proteins of the milk are always hampered. Placing your breast milk inside a mug of warm water can help you to maintain the nutrients.

Plastic Containers is A Big ‘No’ For Microwave

Despite several warnings, we still place the plastic containers in the microwave. Upon getting heated up, plastic tends to give out chemicals which are like estrogen, and a large proportion of plastic products displayed this effect. When using a microwave to heat food, always prefer doing it over a basic plate.

Using a Microwave to Boil A Cup of Water Isn’t A Good Idea

While you might have boiled cups of water in the microwave several times, it is never a viable thing to do. When you are boiling water in a glass or ceramic cup for a prolonged time forms a buildup of bubbles. This results in the water getting excessively heated up and erupting.

These foods are never safe to heat in the microwave. By not heating these foods, you not only increase the longevity of the appliance but keep it in good shape even through several years.